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Citation: World J Surg Surg Res. 2021;4(1):1292.DOI: 10.25107/2637-4625.1292

Advances in the Design of a Curved Cutter Stapler for Colorectal Surgical Procedures

Ryan P Posey, Geisa Paulin-Curlee, Dwight D Henninger, Shannon Jones, Jeffrey W Clymer and Paula Veldhuis*

Medical Affairs, Ethicon Inc, Cincinnati, OH, USA

*Correspondance to: Paula Veldhuis 

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Background: In colorectal procedures, including Low Anterior Resection (LAR), surgeons have found it beneficial to use a stapler designed to provide access in the deep pelvis such as the CONTOUR® Curved Cutter Stapler (CCS). A new version of this stapler, the ECHELON CONTOUR® Curved Cutter Stapler (ECCS) has been developed, featuring Gripping Surface Technology (GST) and Three-Dimensional (3D) staples. This study was undertaken to evaluate the ECCS in comparison to the previous version and another commercially-available stapler. Methods: ECCS was compared to CCS for post-compression tissue trauma, both visually and via histological analysis, and post-stapling tissue healing response at 7- and 21-days post-surgery. ECCS was compared to the ENDO GIA Stapler (GIA) for leak onset pressure along the staple line. Results: ECCS exhibited significantly less gross visible tissue trauma following compression than the predicate device (p<0.001). Histological examination indicated similar tissue trauma and tissue healing response for ECCS and CCS. In leak onset pressure testing, ECCS provided a 30.8% higher mean pressure than GIA (p=0.002), and a 55% lower leak rate at 30 mmHg (p=0.011). Conclusion: To gain the benefits of hybrid laparoscopic colorectal techniques, the narrow head design of the CCS is particularly useful in accessing the deep pelvis. The new ECCS incorporates GST for enhanced tissue handling without any negative effect on tissue trauma or healing response. Additionally, ECCS uses 3D stapling technology which provides significantly stronger sealing. Together these technical advances make ECHELON CONTOUR® Curved Cutter Stapler the new standard in colorectal procedures.


Curved cutter stapler; Contour; Colorectal; Echelon; Low rectum; Pelvic access; Low anterior resection

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Posey RP, Paulin-Curlee G, Henninger DD, Jones S, Clymer JW, Veldhuis P. Advances in the Design of a Curved Cutter Stapler for Colorectal Surgical Procedures. World J Surg Surgical Res. 2021; 4: 1292.

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