Special Issue

World Journal of Surgery and Surgical Research has been maintaining its reputation in the scientific publication world for its unparalleled focus on covering surgery research across the globe. With support of our expertise Editorial Board Members, World Journal of Surgery and Surgical Research is now launching the Special Issues. These Special Issues include the articles which fall under specific fields of research/topic to provide focused and most relevant dimensions on emerging research areas within this discipline and providing detailed analysis of the key research topics under Surgery. We are currently coining special issue titles and assigning the Handling Editors. We welcome our readers, Professors, academicians, Doctors and researchers to propose more topics for special issues and voluntarily participate in this practice as Handling Editors and Authors to make it towards success and serve the scientific community through this platform.

Researchers who are willing to take up the Handling Editor positions are requested to send their updated CV, Recent Photograph along with the list of Publications as an e-mail attachment to: [email protected]Authors can submit your manuscripts as attachments through e-mail to the Editorial Office at: [email protected]