Ozgur Karcioglu


Ozgur Karcioglu, MD, Prof, FEMAT

University of Health Sciences, Istanbul Educationand Research Hospital



Dr.Ozgur Karcioglu has commenced his residency in Dokuz Eylul University Medical School, Department of Emergency Medicine and graduated in 1998. He completed the Fellowship Program in “International Emergency Medicine”in Pennsylvania State University (2005). He has served as the chairman of the department in DEU (2005-2007). Then he has been in charge of the ED of Bakirkoy Research and Training Hospital (2007-2009), and then faculty member in Acıbadem University (2009-15). In the meantime (2011), he has also participated in the refreshment work for the Joint Commission International (JCI) certification in the Acibadem Bakirkoy Hospital. At the end of 2015 he started working in the Dept. of Emergency Medicine, Istanbul Education and Research Hospital, Fatih, Istanbul.

He has served as a founder and a board member of The Emergency Medical Association of Turkey (2007-2009). He’s also an instructor of the American Heart Association-based Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course.His research interests are resuscitation, advanced life support, pain management, airway emergencies, disaster medicine, trauma and toxicology.

Yukihiko Tokunaga

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Yukihiko Tokunaga, MD

Director of Surgery and Chief of Physician, Department of Surgery, Japan Post Kyoto Teishin Hospital



1.Surgical Techniques
General surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, and gastrointestinal surgery.(finished residency training including pediatric surgery, cardiovascular surgery, pulmonary surgery, and critical care medicine).
Anesthesiology and critical care medicine
Liver transplantation (including reduced-size liver transplantation and living related liver transplantation)
2. Experimental Surgery on Laboratory Animals
Hepatectomy and gastrointestinal Surgery (rat, pig, and dog)
Isolated liver perfusion (rat, pig and dog)
Liver Transplantation (rat, pig, dog)
Some other procedures(rat and rabbit)
3. Biochemistry
Enzymatic and HPLC analysis of biochemical metabolites
Isolation and polarographical analysis of mitochondria
Fluorometric analysis of cytochromes of mitochondria
Fluorometric analysis of pyridine necleotides
Characterization of hormone receptors in gastrointestinal tracts
Data analysis of clinical results of medical procedures
4. Oncology and Chemothreapy
Surgical oncology and reseach in gastrointestine, pancreas, and hepatobiliary
Chemotherapy with anticancer agents for gastrointestine, pancreas and hepatobiliary