Cardiac surgery is a medical practice that operates surgical procedures performed on a heart to treat complications of ischemic heart disease, congenital heart disease, valvular heart disease and also includes heart transplantation. The cardiologist who are dealing with cardiac surgery have to go through most challenging and demanding work stress with extremely cautious since these chest diseases are a major cause of death all over the world. According to some recent studies in Harvard medical school every day thousands of people are undergoing through open-heart surgery which is a major surgery that takes a very long time to recover and come back to a normal lifestyle.
Our journal of cardiac surgery is devoted to publishing original surgical research currently going on and accepts all types of documenting clinical and experimental research advances in cardiac surgery. The articles which are accepted and published after peer-review process under the journal of cardiac surgery are freely accessible without any subscription charges nor any financial restrictions.

Shih-Tai Chang
Shih-Tai Chang, MD
Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
Christophoros KOTOULAS
Christophoros KOTOULAS, MD, MSc, PhD, FETCS, FCCP
Army General Hospital of Athens
Frank Harig
Frank Harig, MD, PhD
University Hospital Erlangen
Suna Aydin
Suna Aydin
Elazig Education and Research Hospital
Zumrut Tuba Demirozu
Zumrut Tuba Demirozu
Koc University Hospital