Cardiovascular surgery is the medical sub-specialty operated by cardiac surgeons on a heart and great blood vessels in order to repair the damage done to the heart and treat diseases and disorders of the cardiovascular system of the body. Often a primary diagnosis of the heart is done by primary care doctors who refer you to cardiologists. Cardiac surgeons are the persons to decide whether you need to get surgery to your heart upon a detailed study of your some advanced diagnoses of heart’s health. Journal of cardiovascular surgery acts as a bridge with its publications between primary care health professionals and cardiac surgeons to transfer and share latest updates on surgical research on heart and its outcomes of new innovative techniques.
The Journal of cardiovascular surgery is newly introduced pioneering peer-reviewed, mega open access journal which is also a prominent segment of world journal of surgery with an aim to establish collaboration between physicians, researchers, para-medical health professional worldwide to contribute advancements in cardiovascular surgery research. World journal of surgery also helps our readers by accepting publications on EuroSCORE coefficient metrics of patients which gives us the information about success and survival rates of discharged patients of cardiothoracic surgery centers which ultimately gives the performance acceptable range of surgeons working in those respective health centers over world-wide. By this data provided by the journal of cardiovascular surgery patients can easily choose the right place for treatment.

Hernán Cohen Arazi
Hernán Cohen Arazi, MD
Centro Medico Pilares
Suraj Wasudeo Nagre
Suraj Wasudeo Nagre, MBBS, MS, MCh
Grant Medical College
Shigeo Masuda
Shigeo Masuda, MD, PhD
Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
Cuneyt Narin
Cuneyt Narin, MD
Egepol Hospital
Mehmet Oc
Mehmet Oc, MD
Selcuk University
Murat Günday
Murat Günday, MD
Baskent University Konya Hospital